Shoes perfection

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Thome Browne ss20

Edessa, Greece

My stylish sister, Evangelia!! I love her total black look with her cute necklace! She owns an accessories shop in Edessa, so if you live there or if you ever visit my adorable waterfall hometown, go check out her beautiful shop !


12 Prox. Koromila street, Shopping in Thessaloniki

While I was on the streets… 

I came across Baton Priemier shop in Prox. Koromila Street and I couldn’t resist, I went inside to take a look..I found these items below very cool..
I never thought that all-star converse shoes could be transformed into an angry bird! I tried on these pair of shoes (bLaCk dioNiso) and it felt like I was flying high…Go and check them out..

bLack dioNiso
sneakers Elena Iachi 
Merilyn-bubble t-shirt