Once upon a time in Athens…

Lena has her name-day today.. I post this archive photo as a little present for her.. I wish you all the best my guru-stylist friend!

Bettina Store, Thessaloniki

Maria , a beautiful lady who wears an airy dress with boots… Sweet and trendy. Such a cool style! Thank you Maria! 

Check out this shop Bettina Store , I found very interesting clothes there..Filia!

12 Prox. Koromila street, Shopping in Thessaloniki

While I was on the streets… 

I came across Baton Priemier shop in Prox. Koromila Street and I couldn’t resist, I went inside to take a look..I found these items below very cool..
I never thought that all-star converse shoes could be transformed into an angry bird! I tried on these pair of shoes (bLaCk dioNiso) and it felt like I was flying high…Go and check them out..

bLack dioNiso
sneakers Elena Iachi 
Merilyn-bubble t-shirt