As time goes by…

As time goes by we get that feeling that everything is lost , every moment is a memory, everything we did is a part of history and the past is a time that has gone forever. That’s one reason why I love taking pictures of special moments, and the reason why I love shooting styles, because this is the only way for someone like me with a very bad memory to bring back time and remember the past. Who doesn’t love looking at pictures from the past decades in fashion, in decoration, in architecture, in portrait photography? 70’s , 60’s, 50’s  had so much style that they can only be inspiration to us. Vintage fashion is something we all love and here you will see some vintage styles that Lena-my guru-stylist friend for our blog Lena Dora Fatsa Fora – put together. We had such a great time then! I wish we could do more things together but distance won’t allow it.

So I share these photos with you and remember.. they are not just pictures, they included the concept of time and are ones that I will always remember with a smile on my face and in my heart.

Thank you Lena , thank you Feny, thank you Anastasia!

I love her style #1

Roisin Marie Murphy. An artist with a very special style. Inspired by her mother, who was an antique dealer, she grew up listening to the sounds of Sonic Youth and the Pixies. She was also inspired by Vivienne Westwood after a show in London. Her albums combine trip hop, funk and electronic music. She has a jazzy voice, and she loves being eccentric. Yes, this woman is full of style in her life.

Show me your shoes.

The choice of shoes is very important because it shows what kind of music you listen to! For example these shoes in the picture (SHUSTA , BERLIN) show that the person that is wearing them, is a fan of electronic music because Berlin is the capital of this kind of music.. HAHA, ok I’m joking (a little bit)..

Thom Browne – The artist

I just love him! Check out his Fall 2014 runway and you ll see some amazing moments from the show. This designer is an extraordinary artist full of imagination and creativity (…like a Matthew Barney movie or the latest transmission from Radiohead) ( 

Published on Apr 23, 2012 (found on you tube)

Unfortunately not taken by me

Thom Browne discusses the silhouette and design of his clothing.

Question: What are you best known for?
Thom Browne: When I initially started, I wanted to re-introduce handmade clothing to guys — to young guys, because I really felt like so many of them were . . . were somewhat running away from it because it was always done either for their father in a . . . in a more conservative way . . . So I wanted to really re-introduce it in a way that it . . . that felt . . . it really felt like it was for them. And that was ’50s, ’60s inspired clothing that just fit very specifically — the jackets being shorter; the trousers, you know, narrow and slimmer. And just like changing the mentality of what was, you know, up until now I think regarded as a very . . . like a suit. Like they didn’t wanna become . . . they didn’t wanna be a suit. And I wanted to do the suit in a new way that made them feel like it was for them in a cooler way.  When I lived in L.A. and I used to buy a lot of vintage clothing, and you know I would tailor it in a way for myself that was exactly this. And that was, you know, over 10 years ago. So in a way it’s . . . it’s been longer than actually how long my business has been open; but it’s something I really knew that if I . . . if I wanted it, I knew that there would be somebody else that would be interested in . . . in this type of thing.

Punk – Chic

How punk and chic can be combined.. She told me that she designed the style herself..

Travel #1 "You don’t fool me"

Yeah right, every year my sister fools me and I don’t know why I believe her on a day like this.
I remember a couple of years ago when she told me that my friend Alex wouldn’t be able to come to Paris with me and I either had to cancel the trip or go alone. I felt like shit, sad, disappointed and really awful (for a while)…Fortunately it was a big lie of hers, so we went to this beautiful city filled with the most handsome men I’ve ever seen. And of course their style was super cool…

I’d love to hear about some of your April Fools Day lies that are still in your mind. Enjoy the day and try not to be a fool!